Magnus Erlingsson

Magnus Erlingsson, Rock of the North. Protector of Innocence, evangelist of the Cult of the Salt


Peripheral Essence: 33
Personal Essesnse: 13

Essence: 2
Limit: 0

  • +2 Zenith Caste Solar Exalted
  • +2 Motivation: Make the League the dominant power in creation
  • +4 Tough as they come
  • +4 Gift of the gab
    • Haggling
    • Insightful Buyer Technique; Cost: 3m; Duration: instant;
    • Stubborn Boar Defence; Cost: N/A; Duration: permanant;
  • +2 Inspirational Speaker
    • Fury Inciting Presence
    • Mob-Dispersing Rebuke; Cost 10m; Duration: instant;
    • Respect Commanding Attitude
    • Heart Compelling Method
  • +2 Mentor
  • +4 The Righteous Indignation (Artefact Airship, 16m Commitment)
    • Armour +4
    • Lightning Ballistas +2
    • Swift Like the Wind (4)
    • Solar Excellency
  • +6 Gungir, Orichalcum Spear (Artifact, 12m Commitment)
    • Bulwark Stance
    • Fivefold Bulwark Stance
    • Adds a boost to all attack rolls
    • Ranged attack at up to far range once per scene (1m)
    • Adds a boost to combat and morale rolls of troops under wielder’s command
  • +4 Stoic Defender
    • Magnanimous Tortoise Technique
    • Solar Excellency

Limit Break: Religious Moment
Loses any respect for faults of others and feels compelled to show them a better way of life. Has only distain for indulgence or dishonour and will attempt to intervene. Will engage in lectures or sermons to convince others to destroy or overcome their weaknesses and flaws.
Partial control: TN 17
Duration: One full day
Limit Break Condition: The self-indulgent or blasphemous of others is a hindrance.


Clipping from the Iceholm Herald

At Grand Tribunal today, Magnus, youngest son of the well-respected City Merchant and Council Member Erling Ikeson admitted to defrauding a local peasant village out of their winter whalemeat harvest.

In his younger days Magnus secured himself a junior partnership in his Father’s organisation. Feeling that he was not seeing sufficient of the profit, he began a long term plan to gain the confidence of the tribal council of coastal village of Moaklir, before relieving them of their whale stocks on a verbal agreement, and then disclaiming all knowledge of the agreement, and refusing to pay the agreed price. He then embezzled the money from his father’s company that would have gone to the village and channelled it to his personal accounts.

On hearing his full and frank confession, the tribunal duly convicted Magnus, and he has thus been banished from Iceholm and all cities both within and affiliated to the Haslanti League. He was last seen heading north out of the city.

Magnus Erlingsson

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