Magistrate Dogun


The magistrates have long been the highest authority enforcing the law in the Realm and its satrapies. Appointed by and answerable only to the Scarlet Empress, they are both feared and admired. With the empress’s disappearance, the magistrates have slowly eroded, some falling to into corruption, some assassinated by old enemies and some simply disappearing. After five years, barely half the magistrates are still active and no new ones have been appointed.

To stave off complete lawlessness, the Senators of the Deliberative have arranged for the Regent, Tepet Fokuf, to approve the appointment of new magistrates.

It is not yet clear how well these new magistrates will function. The older magistrates protest that the Regent does not have the power necessary to appoint new magistrates. The new magistrates may put the interests of their own Houses above those of the Realm. The new magistrates are answerable to the Deliberative rather than the empress. Forces loyal to the empress see this as further degradation of centralized power and another step toward the breakup of the Realm.

Dogun has been the magistrate of the area surrounding Mishaka for the past 10 years. He is one of dwindling number of original magistrates remaining and is working hard to consolidate his power and support to ensure he can continue in his role with suffering any unfortunate ‘accidents’.

Magistrate Dogun

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